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Inspired by her favorite book, Elaina ventures out to see the world she's read so much about. Like a leaf on the wind, she travels from one country to another, looking to sate her inquisitiveness and searching for new experiences. She's confronted by humanity in all its forms, whether strange, bizarre, or emotional. Exploration and curiosity drive her journey. Where to next, Elaina?


Latest Novel

Light Novel Volume 14

Light Novel Volume 14
Light Novel Volume 14 was released on October 14, 2020.


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The Girl as Pretty as a Flower / Bottled Happiness
Elaina encounters a young girl alone in a field of flowers. She asks Elaina to deliver a bouquet of flowers to the nearby countryside and the young witch accepts. Little does Elaina know that there's more to the flowers than meets the eye.

In the next country that Elaina visits, she encounters a young man named Emil who collects happiness in a bottle for her servant Nino.


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